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Our Valued Team

We are very proud of our staff who work each day on all of the details that make a successful operation. We consider them to be indispensable and value their participation as they seek to make your dining experience special and memorable. 

Derrick Westbrook since 2007

Megan Yates since 2008

Carolyn Davis since 2008

Patty Luckini since 2008

Lauren Ashby since 2009

Tim Blazejak since 2009

Andrew Powell since 2009

Holly Cummings since 2012

Calvin Boggs since 2013

Danielle Smith since 2013

Craig Seeney since 2013

Morgan DeMarco since 2014

Clinton Vick since 2014

Amanda Nichols since 2014

Zane Dippold since 2015

Andrew Hudson since 2015

Tara Kenyon since 2015

Sean Meyer since 2015

Ryan Terch since 2016

Val Andres since 2016

Jamie Birch since 2016

David Kennedy since 2017

Greg Donnelly since 2017

William Meyer since 2017

Jeff McCalister since 2017